More than 40 families of customisable industrial burners up to 20MW for any Industrial applications and fuels.
– High speed / turbulence: in metal, SIC, refractory, for cold air, recuperated or self-recuperated, also sidewall.
– Long flame: self regenerative; recuperative; for NG, various viscosity oils, process gases rich in Hydrogen.
– Multi fuel: gas and various oils, biodiesel, biomass liquid fuels.
– Oxy Fuel : high turbulence, air/oxy fuel, flame turning.
– Premixed: ribbon linear flame ; tunnel burners; pilot burners, torches.
– For radiant tubes , pre-heated staged air or self recuperative. – Infrared Burners
– Radiative: sidewall flame, radiating flame; radiative cone.
– Packaged ; with integrated blower, with fixed air or modulating.

Nxt (= Low Nox): models equipped with flameless or staged combustion

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