EMB-SiC High Velocity Burners With Flame Tube In SiC

The EMB-SIK burners are gas burners used for direct heating.




The EMB-SIK burners are gas burners used for direct heating. The shape

of the silicon carbide flame tube produces a tense flame that allows high heat penetration
and better temperature uniformity inside the combustion
chamber, due to the high velocity of the combustion products.
Depending on the size and use, this type of burner can
be used for natural gas or LPG combustion (in the standard version), and other types of gaseous combustive
agents with different heating properties (special versions on request).

Stock Unit Model Number:

  • As per client requirement.

Please send us an enquiry should you need a different configuration in the EMB-SiC series.


  • Capacity: from 30 to 900 kW
  • Maximum Temperature: 1.300°C
  • Air and gas pressure to burner: 45mbar
  • Flow ratio: 8 : 1
  • Flame speed: from 50 m/s to 120 m/s
  • Low CO e NOx content
  • Excess air: upto 400


  • Burner body: cast iron G25
  • Gas collector: cast iron G25
  • Flame tube: SiC
  • Combustion head: AISI310
  • Fixing flange: Fe360


  • Fibre cover treatment furnaces.
  • Tunnel or chariot furnaces.
  • Treatment furnaces.
  • Stretching furnaces.
  • Ceramic furnaces.