NM Long Flame Burners “Nozzle Mix”

The NM series identifies a family of “Nozzle Mix” gas burners.




The NM series identifies a family of “Nozzle Mix” gas burners. The combustion air flow, passing through the mixer
body, drags the fuel gas inside the refractory block in which complete mixing takes place, thus combustion.
The shape of the refractory block creates a particular very long stabilized flame.

Stock Unit Model Number:

  • As per client requirement.

Please send us an enquiry should you need a different configuration in the NM series.


  • Functioning with preheated air up to: 500°C
  • Functioning with various gas types.
  • Potential: from 10Kw to 17MW
  • Flow ratio for single nozzle models: 10:1
  • Flow ratio for multi nozzle models until: 60:1
  • Excellent flame stability.
  • Support flange for refractory block provided with threaded holes for positioning of accessories like: pilot burner, flame detector (electrode or UV photocell), peepsights.
  • Separate air and gas inlets, mixing at discharge point, no flashback.


  • Mixing body: cast iron G25
  • Plate: cast iron G25/Fe 360
  • Air pipe: AISI304
  • Refractory block: T. Max 1750°C


  • Forging.
  • Melting furnaces for frits.
  • Billet reheating furnaces.
  • Aluminum melting furnaces.
  • Air heaters.
  • Furnaces for heat treatment.
  • Incinerators.
  • Tempering and stress relief furnaces.
  • Brick kilns.
  • Heating crucibles and ladles.
  • Dryers.