UV-2 High Sensibility UV Probes


The UV2 is a flame detector for industrial use with ESA Estro flame controllers.

R5 600.00ea excl VAT




The UV2 is a flame detector for industrial use installed in a robust,
die-cast aluminium box, equipped with plug in connection and
threaded connection for the peepsight. It contains a gas filled UVtube. UV-rays (not daylight or artificial light from discharge or
filament lamps) ionise the gas in the tube. Figure 1 shows the curb of
the spectral response. The UV2 may be used either with all the
electronic systems ESA produces or with any other system provided
the tube is operated within its limits.

Stock Unit Model Number:

  • PHOTOCELL UV-2 + BRACKET CHLG-2 3/4″ (74903~E7001 Drw:C4467-R3/1)

Please send us an enquiry should you need a different configuration in the UV-2 series.


  • Spectral response: 185~260 nm
  • Peepsight connection: Ø 3/4” gas
  • Discharge starting voltage: (with UV radiation) 280V
  • Recommended oper. voltage: 325 ±25V
  • Max. voltage: 400V
  • Recommended discharge current: 100µA
  • Average discharge current (note A): 1mA
  • Max. peak current (note B): 30mA
  • Operating temperature -20~60°C
  • Background (note C): max. 10 cpm
  • Sensibility (note D) 5,000 cpm (> 1pW)
  • Life service with continuous discharge > 10,000 hours


  • UV flame detector for industrial use.