Expert Key Devices

The new Expert Key devices have been specially developed for use in PC-supported measurement and test engineering environments. A low cost complete package comprising Expert Key hardware and ProfiSignal Go software enables users to commence work immediately. Our customers say that “measurement engineering should always be this easy!”

Product highlights

  • 14 or 28 universal analog inputs
  • Inputs can be universally used for thermocouples, RTD sensors and mV or mA signals
  • Differential inputs with 18-bit resolution
  • 100,000 measurement values per second
  • Analog and digital outputs, PWM outputs, counter inputs
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Full potential isolation
  • Convenient connector clamps for up to 2.5 mm² lines
  • Measurement data portrayal in trends and ASCII exports
  • Excellent value for money
  • “Made in Germany” quality

The Expert Key is simple and convenient to operate and the ProfiSignal Go software is very user-friendly. A patented measurement procedure and intuitive operation enables fast measurement data acquisition and immediate evaluation that requires no extensive learning or training. Measurement data can be displayed in trends in just three steps. Data is stored continuously to a database and users will be impressed by the range of available functions. Delphin’s Go is entry-level software that can be extended for any application:

  • ProfiSignal Go: Software for data aquisition (included in delivery)
  • ProfiSignal Basic: Software for visualisation and monitoring
  • ProfiSignal Klicks: Software for automating process and measurement procedures

A suitable system is available for any requirement, whether fast measurement set up, mobile applications or fixed installations. Our product video demonstrates the easy to use laboratory version.

Examples of applications for Expert Key

  • Mobile and fixed systems for the acquisition of measurement and process data
  • Process visualisation, analysis and automation
  • Research and development
  • Experiments and product testing
  • Laboratory automation
  • Test engineering and test stand automation
  • Servicing and fault diagnostics





Included in delivery of the Expert Key

  • Expert Key device
  • ProfiSignal Go software
  • LabVIEW™ and DASYLab™ drivers
  • Modbus TCP interface and OPC server
  • OCX, programming interface
  • Power adapter, USB cable, quick start guide


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