Pyrometer and IR Thermocouple

A variaty of Pyrometers and contactless IR Thermocouples




Offering a variety of single and dual wavelength, ratio, and multiwavelength pyrometers as well as contactless thermocouples.

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Williamson is passionate about helping customers solve challenging temperature measurement problems so that they can improve product quality, increase process efficiency, and control costs. We recognize that each application has its own unique challenges and for over 60 years, Williamson has developed customized solutions for the most demanding industrial applications.

Exergen Global is widely recognized for its unique family line of non contact infrared temperature sensors and its Sensoranics Methodology. This unique, proprietary, and fully integrated approach develops customized best-in-class infrared temperature sensor solutions. Sensoranics combines Exergen’s unmatched thermal management expertise, its innovative sensor technology and its mechanical engineering knowledge providing award-winning solutions for even the toughest thermal challenges.

What sets the Exergen’s IR sensor solutions apart:
– unpowered
– no drift
– high repeatability and high interchangeability
resulting in not just a high quality but especially the edge needed to increase production process speed and reduce waste.
Exergen holds more than 70 patents for thermal management.