Shutter ESA UV-2 Cheking Device For Permanent Operation – 220VAC


ESA SHUTTER SHR is a dimming device for ESA UV-2 flame detectors.



ESA SHUTTER SHR is a dimming device for ESA UV-2
flame detectors, in permanent burner operation applications.
The device is installed between the burner and the flame
detector, so that it interrupts the light radiation to the sensor when it is activated. Consequently, ESA SHUTTER
SHR allows ESA burner control devices to periodically
check the functionality of the ESA UV-2 flame detectors.
ESA SHUTTER SHR has an aluminum body particularly
suitable for industrial applications, allowing application in
the immediate vicinity of the burner.

Stock Unit Model Number:

  • SHUTTER SHR DN20 220Vac G3/4″ (24754-E7003)


Please send us an enquiry should you need a different configuration in the UV-2 series.


  • Supply voltage: 115 or 230Vac, +10~-15%
  • Power frequency: 50~60 Hz
  • Power supply type: phase-to-neutral, not suitable for phase-to-phase
  • Neutral type is suitable both for systems with neutral to ground as well as systems with neutral not to ground.
  • Absorption: 51 VA max
  • Working temperature: -20~60 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20~80 °C
  • Wiring: quick connector with rectifier
  • Electric connector cable input: female threaded inputs M20x1.5
  • Mass 900g
  • Protection degree: IP65
  • Mounting position: any, but not upside coil down
  • Coil direction: 360°
  • Working environment: Not suitable for explosive or corrosive environments
  • Body material: aluminum, brass, steel
  • Body fixing: Male-female 3/4” – DN20 thread
  • KIT SHUTTER Burner connection thread:
    Male 3/4” DN20 or 1/2” DN15


  • Dimming of ESA UV-2 flame detectors for periodic
    checks of the sensor, for permanent operation.
  • Time check of the flame sensor with the burner kept