Founded in 1987 CST are distributors, installers and integrators of process measurement and control instrumentation and equipment. We specialize in custom solutions to suit your process needs from PLC and SCADA applications to data logging, remote alarm condition monitoring and Industrial Combustion Equipment.

Delphin Technology

PLC, Data logging, SCADA, Test and Automation systems.

Germany based Manufactures of Industrial measurement devices for the acquisition of Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Vibration, Revolutions and other measurement data.

Delphin’s major advantage is that it provides a complete hardware and software solution.

Gas / Oil Combustion equipment

Italy based Design company of Industrial Combustion Systems for the Metallurgic, Ceramic, Food, Textile, Glass and Chemical industries.

ESA PYRONICS manufactures burners, adjusting, measuring, mixing and control devices.

SMS / GPRS Communicator

SA designed and manufactured micro loggers with 8x D/I, 4x A/I and 8x D/O complete with timers, counters, totalises, timed events etc to allow for a fast application field from monitoring to control and alarm notification of process signals at a very affordable price.

The unit logs to onboard SD card and allows for data retrieval via data call / GPRS. The onboard modem can be disabled should sms notification / control not be required.
Measurement and Control Solutions Hsiang Cheng Electric Corporation Yu Ching Technology

Data loggers / Test and measurement instrumentation

Since 1993 MCS have been a major and successful distributor of a number of carefully defined, unique and internationally proven products, specifically geared for the South African industrial, scientific, mining, automotive and test & measurement markets. In 2006 CST and MCS joined forces and as a result we are able to provide an even wider selection of products to fulfill most application needs.

Isolated Process / Power Signal Transducers and Digital Meters

HC was established during September 1979. Their goal is to design and manufacture a complete product series for power systems led by ISO9001 / 9002 approval. The HC product range include measuring instruments and power distribution systems for utilities and industries.

Handheld Thermometer / Data Logger

YCT was established in 1995 and has since produced market leading hand held thermometers with build in data logging and math functions. Single or up to 4 channel thermocouple / RTD loggers with Windows based software and USB communication.
Temperature Controls RainWise Other Products

ConSysTec has been appointed the Gauteng North Distribution house for Temperature Controls.

Suppliers and manufacturers of related temperature systems consisting of analytical, conductivity, pH, pressure, peripheral equipment, sensors for automation and production, temperature, testing and calibration as well as vibration.

Precision Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Leading the way in technological development - from the original tipping bucket rain gauge and 1st digital weather station to the new frontier of wind and solar monitoring instruments - our selection rain and temperature gauges, monitors, sensors, and related software products offer ideal monitoring solutions for weather enthusiasts, municipalities, federal government, and industrial manufacturers. All of our products are proudly made in the United States, and are backed by free software upgrades and lifetime support.

ConSysTec Supply Range

We have various products to suit most industry needs. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to get more detailed information on any of our listed products or any other relevant enquiry.


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